Diabetes Health Type 2: Surviving Halloween

Halloween is here and if you’re like me, you’re already thinking of ways to avoid the Halloween candy temptations.  Sure, a couple of pieces may be fine but candy is almost addictive to me and once I start, I don’t usually stop until it’s all gone.  To alleviate these temptations and to keep my glucose levels from going haywire, I have decided to do three things to keep me from overindulging on the sweets this Halloween.


I’ve decided that the first step is to change the type of candy that I buy for the trick or treaters.  The bulk bags that I routinely find on shelves are great bargains but they are often loaded with carbohydrates. However, there are a few brands of low carb candy on the market that are better for diabetics and non-diabetics alike.  Candy such as Nerds®, Sweeties®, and some brands of bubble gum offer the sweet taste of sugar but offer the benefit of low carbs.  The average trick or treater doesn’t care about carbs in candy but when I consider the fact that I’m usually the one eating the leftovers, it pays for me to buy low carb candy.


Substituting fruit snacks in place of candy is another way that I can reduce blood sugar pikes.  Fruit snacks offer greater nutritional value than candy and are often packed with Vitamin C.  While it is still possible to exceed my carb intake, the way that I see it is that at least I’ll be getting some form of nutrition compared to eating candy.


I’ve also been experimenting with freeze dried fruits and while they are more expensive than either fruit snacks or candy, they offer the advantage of being pure fruit.  Sure, they have natural sugars found in fruit but the added benefit of having a host of vitamins and nutrients makes them a viable, albeit pricey option.  Most packages of freeze dried fruit contain one to three servings of fruit and are great tasting. I know that I enjoy the taste of freeze dried fruit but a picky trick or treater may have to acquire a taste for the healthier alternative to candy.


Making sure that I give away ALL of the candy and sweets is another great way, and perhaps the most guaranteed way, to ensure that I don’t go overboard on the carbs.  In past years I’d ration out the candy, trying to make sure that I had enough for everyone, only to end up with half of it still left on the table after the doorbell stopped ringing.   Being disciplined enough not to eat the leftovers is a challenge so I normally end up losing that battle.


Yes, Halloween is just around the corner and by following the above tips, I’ll stand a much better chance of surviving Halloween temptations than in previous years.


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