Diabetes Health Type 2: Strictly Speaking a Low-Carb Diet Works for Type 2 Kristin Walton

Kristin Walton wasn’t surprised two years ago when she was diagnosed as a Type 2 diabetic. Her father was diabetic and today four of his five children are, too.


“My physician discovered my A1C of 7.4 during a routine visit and rather than start Metformin,” Kristin explains, “I wanted to see if sticking to a strict diet that eliminated potatoes, pasta, rice, processed foods and refined sugars would work.”


It has worked and Kristin, 51, reports that her A1C is 4.6. Adding that she lost 80 pounds within the first year, Kristin says, “My cholesterol has decreased, too. I continue to go for lab work every six months, research diabetes and ask my doctor specific questions. Right now it’s all working for me.”


Kristin, who is certified as a Paraprofessional in Special Education, is currently taking some time off from work. She has also been a Certified Nursing Assistant.


The New Hampshire resident and her husband, Jeff, and two daughters enjoy camping and hiking during the summer months. “I like camping and hiking much more now that I’ve lost weight,” Kristin notes. “It’s easier to move around when thinner so it’s obvious that my exercise has increased.”


“One great hobby Jeff and I have is driving remote-controlled cars. We go out in a wide open field and get to play with these cars at speeds of 30 to 40 mph. It’s so much fun!”


She does photography, astronomy, crochets blankets, makes fairy houses, makes acrylic paintings, and enjoys doing all sorts of arts and crafts.


Kristin is still the cook in her house of four people and even though she bakes bread from scratch for her husband and daughters, she fills up on plenty of freshly-cooked vegetables, meats and salads.


“Trying new recipes keeps me sharp and on my toes,” Kristin says. “A Type 2 diagnosis meant I had to take a deep breath, look at my lifestyle and make some serious changes. My choice is to eat well and I’ll keep doing it because I feel much, much better.”


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