Diabetes Health Type 2: Significantly Dropping My A1c

By Claire Lynch



Early in 2019 James Neal went to his primary care physician for a routine physical. Part of it involved getting blood work and the result was an A1C of 9. He wasn’t surprised when his doctor said that he was a Type 2 diabetic because his father and his paternal grandfather also were Type 2.


“I had just turned 46 and my first thought was that I would have to cut back on the amount of Korean food I ate,” James says. “My dad is African-American and my mom is from Korea. Eating rice is a staple. It’s something I enjoy but Korean dishes contain a lot of carbohydrates and many of the marinades and sauces have sugar in them.”


James eats more vegetables now and proteins like fish and lean meats. His doctor prescribed 500 mg. of Metformin twice a day and 5 mg. of Farxiga once a day in the morning.


His A1C dropped to 7.1 and he has added three supplements to his routine. “One is called Blood Sugar Support, another is Omega 3 and the third is Alpha Lipoic Acid,” he explains. “These supplements help me but they may not be effective for everyone. Always check with your doctor before starting any new supplement.”


James tries to eat low-carb now, keeping his carb intake below 40 grams a day, and he used to eat breakfast sandwiches but today he eats eggs and sausages. If he is on the run he will drink a meal replacement shake.


Incorporating walking into his weekly schedule helps, too. “I’ll walk 20 to 30 minutes three times a week,” James notes. “Working a sedentary job I know that it’s important to get some exercise. My partner and I will hit the gym and I feel better after a good workout.”


James, who has an associate’s degree in web design and interactive media, is a former web developer and currently does project management for a large international pharmaceutical company. He’s also an email marketer.


“Addressing my diabetes head on has meant altering my eating habits and stepping up my exercise,” James says. “I’ve gotten more disciplined about these things and this new way of life is definitely paying off!”






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