Diabetes Health Type 2: Is Red Wine Divine for Diabetes?

We’ve all heard that diabetics should stay away from alcohol. The reasoning is that alcohol breaks down into glucose which our bodies have a hard time metabolizing.   Yet most of us have heard about the benefits of eating blueberries and red grapes. So one day I started wondering if there were any benefits to drinking red wine. If eating blueberries and grapes are beneficial in countering diabetes then couldn’t wine offer similar benefits?


I guess that it all depends on who you ask. Some doctors will firmly discourage the consumption of alcohol, but I found information online that strongly support the consumption of one glass of red wine a day for counteracting diabetes.


Studies show that red wine offers benefits for Type 2 diabetics thanks to “resveratrol”, a powerful antioxidant found in red grapes, blueberries, and other berries. Benefits of drinking red wine include lower cardiometabolic risk, improvements in lipid tests, and is said to be superior in improving overall metabolic profiles.


This information should not come as a surprise as people have known for millenniums the health benefits of drinking red wine. What is a surprise, is that science is showing that wine is divine for diabetes. I like to propose a toast to scientific proof. Cheers!



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