Diabetes Health Type 2: Encouraging Other Diabetics to Be Their Own Advocates

By Claire M. Lynch


Carolyn Sangrey’s family is filled with Types 2 diabetes – her mother, father and maternal grandmother all had Type 2. Today her three sisters, brother and oldest daughter also have Type 2.


A lifelong Floridian, Carolyn was pre-diabetic for a few years before being diagnosed as Type 2. That was 13 years ago when she was 55.


Her doctors started her on Metformin 500 mg. twice daily. Now she takes 1,000 mg. of Metformin twice daily plus Actos once a day. “It’s well controlled by these and diet,” Carolyn notes. “Rarely do I have a reading over 120. I have found that it really pays to watch what I eat.”


For newly diagnosed diabetics, Carolyn says, “Take your diabetes diagnosis seriously! Just because you feel fine doesn’t mean that you are. You want to take care of your body and your health.


“Also, read up on what carbohydrates are, what foods they are found in and how to avoid them. Educate yourself! Don’t rely on what people tell you, look into it for yourself. Understanding good versus bad carbs is important as well as understanding how carbs affect your blood sugar levels.”


Carolyn, a retired secretary, typically eats lean, low fat meats, cabbage and cauliflower. She also likes eating Brussel sprouts, tossed salads with grilled chicken, hard boiled eggs, sauerkraut and all-beef hot dogs. For dessert she will have some cottage cheese mixed with sugar-free Jello.


“I top off my treats with some sugar-free toppings such as the sugar-free Cool Whip,” Carolyn says, “and when food shopping sugar-free condiments are always on my list.”


Her hobbies are face painting, balloon twisting, playing video games, and doing arts and crafts with the Silhouette Cameo do-it-yourself machine.


Carolyn and her husband, Don, also enjoy outdoor camping. “We often visit some of our children and grandchildren in different parts of Florida then just he and I camp overnight,” Carolyn notes. “There are eight adult children, 15 grandchildren and five great-children altogether.


“Whether we are visiting them or at home they keep us hopping with their various interests.”


Carolyn has always walked for exercise. “I find it enjoyable – and it helps me health-wise!”

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