Diabetes Health Type 2: A1c Drops After Adopting a Diabetes Diet

By Claire M. Lynch



Karen Segler says that she felt terrible before receiving her Type 2 diagnosis. “Headaches were frequent, my vision was off, I had pain from head to toe, was dizzy and overall I just didn’t feel well,” she says. “When my doctor gave me my diagnosis I was surprised but at least I had an explanation.

“My A1C was 11 at the time of my diagnosis. That was four years ago when I was 46 years old. Now it’s down to 4.8. My doctor prescribed Metformin and I also got strict about my diet. What works for me is the Keto diet and the LCHF diet which is the ‘Low Carbohydrates High Fat’ diet. My friend at work told me about the LCHF diet and that it’s great for diabetes so I started it the same day I heard about it.”


Karen explains, “I don’t buy anything at the supermarket that I can’t eat. Junk foods and processed foods are not part of my diet – or my vocabulary! My family is on board with healthy eating because they know that I’m Type 2 and this is mandatory for me. Healthy eating doesn’t just happen overnight – it becomes a way of life.


“My husband, Sunny, my grown daughter and I grill a lot of meats and vegetables. We also enjoy eating lots of green, leafy salads. On rare occasions I eat some blueberries as a treat. My carbs aren’t totally eliminated but they are less than 20 grams a day. I am a stickler about keeping track of my carbs. Healthy fats such as avocado oil, coconut oil and olive oil are included in my diet.


“Exercise is incorporated at work,” Karen adds, “because on my job I take about 6,000 steps each day. My Fitbit, that activity tracker, lets me know.” She works a management job for a non-profit and adds exercise into her days whenever possible.


Karen, a lifelong resident of Oklahoma, says that she and Sunny enjoy traveling whenever possible. “On a typical weekend, when the weather is good, we get on our motorcycles and just go. Feeling the sun and the wind on my face is exhilarating.”

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