Diabetes Health Type 1: Humalog and Tresiba Insulin is the Perfect Combination for Me

By Claire Lynch

Daniel Hopkins was 28 years old when he was diagnosed last year as Type 1. He told a doctor that he was tired, thirsty and had frequent urination. At first Dan was diagnosed as Type 2 but after two months of not responding well to Metformin nor to low doses of Tresiba, a long-acting insulin, his physicians did some additional tests and determined that he was Type 1.

“My C-peptide test showed very little insulin production and the GAD antibodies test was positive,” Dan explains. “They put me on Humalog, a fast-acting insulin and a larger dose of Tresiba and that combination works well for me. My highest A1C was 14.3 but now it’s down to 6.2.

He’s been using FreeStyle Libre for more than a year and added MiaoMiao and the Spike app to his iPhone.

Dan says, “Checking my blood sugar levels with a finger stick works when I feel low or when I get an alarm signaling high blood sugar levels. The finger sticks are a good way to double check the readings.”

For breakfast Dan often has an egg sandwich on an English muffin, for lunch he has a sandwich or a salad and dinner usually includes some meat or fish plus plenty of fresh vegetables. Dan adds, “I’m trying to incorporate more fruit into my diet but I’m very careful about the sugar and carb content in various fruits.

“When eating out I usually stick to salads. The best low-carb salad dressings I’ve found are ranch or oil and vinegar.”


Exercise is important to Dan, a Vermonter, so he says, “I run and skateboard two or three times a week plus hike once or twice a week. No matter what season it is, running while taking in all of the beautiful scenery in this New England state is a great way to get some exercise and blow off some stress.”

Dan and his wife, Lindsey, enjoy going to the coast on long weekends. He works a full-time job as a video editor for a creative agency and he’s also a self-employed wedding cinematographer on the side. His busiest time? June through October when weddings are in full swing.


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