Diabetes Health Type 1 : Catching Up with IndyCar Racer Charlie Kimball

By Nadia Al-Samarrie

IndyCar racer Charlie Kimball is back on the racing track now with AJ Foyt as a full-time driver (No. 4 Chevrolet) in the 2020 NTT 17th IndyCar Series.

Diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 22, four years into his professional racing career, Kimball did not let that stop him from following his passion. “Diabetes is a team sport,” says Charlie. He has partnered up with Novo Nordisk for ten years with the message never to let your diagnosis get in your way.

Charlie has integrated his Dexcom G6 in his car system. When checking his gauges, he can read the speed of his lap time, body temperature, and blood sugar. The pit lane engineers also watch the electronics to keep an eye on his blood sugar levels. By education, his crew – they have learned how to understand the meaning of his blood sugar readings. Although he has a liquid hypoglycemia device built into his helmet, Charlie has yet to use it in competition. Dr. Peters, a well-known celebrity physician, keeps close tabs on Charlie with her smartphone through the Dexcom technology.

Listen to my interview with Charlie to hear how he prepares for a physically demanding race that requires him to drive 200 miles an hour without power steering or power brakes.

You can also follow Charlie’s racing schedule on Twitter @racewithinsulin.

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