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This month in our Meters and Pumps & Infusion Setssections we are doing something a little different. DiabetesHealth is launching Diabetes Health TV from our homepage(www.diabeteshealth.com).

This multimedia video content will give Diabetes Healthreaders access to the latest products being introducedinto the marketplace as well as the latest researchinformation in the diabetes industry. With manufacturerdemonstrations and top researchers discussing the latestnews in the diabetes world, Diabetes Health readers willnow have convenient access to information that affectsthem, from the comfort and privacy of their own homes.

Check out Diabetes Health TV for yourself—it’s like a virtualtrade show. All Diabetes Health videos are optimized for ahigh-speed connection. You will need to have the AdobeFlash 7 player installed in order to view the streamingvideos (link on DHTV). You will have full access to play,pause and watch the videos over again if you like.

While attending the American Diabetes Association ScientificSessions this past June in Washington, D.C., Scott King, editor inchief of Diabetes Health, had a chance to catch up withseveral diabetes professionals and researchers. Below are summaries of a couple of the videos that specifically demonstrate new meters that are on the market. These demonstrations will give you an idea of what these products do.

Bayer Breeze Demo

Shelley Baber, RD, CDE, Diabetes Specialist II for BayerHealthcare, speaks about and demonstrates the Bayer Breeze meter whichincludes these features:

  • 10-test auto disk
  • Sip-in sampling
  • Ease of use for people with dexterity issues
  • No-strip handling

Prodigy Talking Meter

Rick Abulhaj, Director of Finance & Operations, talksabout the Prodigy Talking Meter’s:

  • Value Price
  • Availability in English & Spanish versions
  • Large screen for the visually impaired
  • Computer synchronization

Here are summaries of some of the videos that specifically demonstrate newpumps and infusion sets on the market. These multimediademonstrations will give you an idea of what exciting products areavailable for people living with diabetes.

Simple Choice Twist

Carol Duffy, Sales Specialist for Simple Choice, speaks aboutand demonstrates the Simple Choice Twist and Simple Choice Easy infusionsets and their compatibility with all insulin pumps on the market.Feature includes:

  • Simple insertion
  • Self sealing septum
  • Varying degrees of insertion (30 or 90 degrees) depending on model

Animas Pump Demo

Rick Philbin, Regional Manager, speaks about and demonstratesAnimas’:

  • Smallest pump with biggest screen
  • Intuitive simple interface
  • Advanced meal bolus calculation built in

Diabetic Glucose Management & Paradigm Real Time

Alan Marcus MD, FACP, Global Director Office of MedicalAffairs, Chief Medical Officer for Medtronic Diabetes, speaks about:

  • His years of experience as an endocrinologist and private practitioner, and the importance of a good doctor/patient relationship
  • The importance of glucose management on a daily basis
  • The Paradigm Real Time pump and sensor and The Guardian RT stand-alone sensor and their advantages in managing diabetes

Paradigm Real Time Pump & Sensor

Bruce W. Bode MD, Diabetes Health Pump Therapy Advisor, speaks about:

  • His experience in the diabetes industry and the Paradigm Real Time Pump and Sensor
  • Continuous glucose sensing
  • Advanced glucose blood alculations and daily charts
  • Built-in alarms and reminders
  • Daily trends and history
  • Built-in infrared sensors that communicate between the pump and sensor

Dr. Bode also speaks about Symlin and Byetta in conjunction withinsulin therapy and its advantages and disadvantages. He also speaksabout the future of diabetes and the exciting advances in the field.

Cleo 90 Infusion Set and CoZmore Insulin Technology System

Demonstrated are:

  1. The Cleo 90 infusion set’s:
    • Non-invasive introducer needle (90 degree)
    • Ease of use
    • Ability to wear the pump on multiple sites on the body with multiple length tubes
  2. The Deltec CoZmore Monitor’s (Abbott Freestyle):
    • IR communication between meter and pump (all in one functionality)
    • Great accuracy
  3. The CoZmore insulin pump’s:
    • Built-in meal bolus and personalization features (CoZmanager)
    • Built-in touch bolus feature

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