Diabetes Health TV Is Off and Running: Three New Live Shows Coming Right Up

You may as well get into the habit of tuning in to Diabetes HealthTV at noon Pacific time, because we’re rolling out new shows at a rapid clip.

The rest of this week is full up with exciting guests,so grab a lunch and start a noontime tradition of lively live TVwith Scott King and Diabetes Health. Talking about diabetes hasnever been so much fun.  To watch the shows and call in with your questions, just go to our website at www.diabeteshealth.com.

Noon on Wednesday: Scott King will be fitted with his very firstcontinuous glucose monitor. A Dexcom staffer will be here to showhim the ropes, and, if everything goes as planned, he should be allset up by the end of the telecast. (Of course, things might not goas planned, but that’s the thrill of a live show.) *

Dr. Richard Bernstein

Noon on Thursday: Famed low-carb groundbreaker and diabetes icon Dr. Richard Bernstein will be our guest by telephone. Always arebel, he’s had diabetes for over sixty years, and now he’s got someamazing news about a possible cure. Any conversation with Dr.Bernstein is sure to go in unexpected directions, so tune in for thefireworks and be ready to call with your questions. **

Noon on Friday: Scott will be talking with Kim Higgins, RN, CDE. She’s been a diabetes educator for over thirty years and has hadtype 1 herself for over 35 years, so she really knows diabetesinside and out. A fifteen-year pumping veteran and mother of three,she has plenty of tips about how to put together a diabetes team andhow to keep diabetes from taking over your life. The phone lineswill be wide open, so go ahead and call in. It’s your chance to aska real expert all the diabetes questions that you’ve never been ableto get answered. ***

Next Week: Check the Diabetes Health website for the latest newsabout our upcoming schedule.

* If you want to do a little preliminary research on the Dexcom, see “In the Know with Continuous Glucose Monitors: The Latest in Diabetes Care”for a first-person account and “The DexCom STS-7 CGM Approved for Seven-Day Use” and “The DexCom Continuous Sensor” for background information.

** For more information about and by Dr. Bernstein, see “Dr. Bernstein’s Diabetes Solution”,  “Why the Low Carb Diet is Best”, and “Frozen Shoulder – Readers Want Answers”.

*** Kim Higgins is the current state chair of the Diabetes Coalitionof California. (Go to www.caldiabetes.org for more information onthe Diabetes Program of California.) She is also the immediate pastpresident of the San Francisco Bay Area American Association ofDiabetes Educators (www.diabetesed.org).

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