Diabetes Health Readers, Can You Lend Us a Hand?

We’re looking for readers’ help in two areas:

First, in our October-November issue, we plan to feature inspirational stories about people with diabetes who have either overcome substantial odds and barriers to living with diabetes or simply have worked out good ways to make it through the day dealing with a difficult disease.

Or maybe a simple account of how they dealt with the news that they had been diagnosed with diabetes.

We’re hoping to inspire readers with accounts of how “everyday heroes” have learned to cope, both on a spiritual and practical level, with diabetes.

If you have a story about somebody like that-yourself included-send us a brief description of what you’d like to write about. (Not to worry-if you’re not confident about your writing, we’d be happy to interview you or the person you have in mind and write an article based on that.)

Your hero’s age, sex, physical condition, or type of diabetes (1or 2) don’t matter. Just let us know a little about that person.

If you already have an article you’ve written, now’s your chance to send it in and have it published or get some constructive feedback to help your writing efforts along the way. Our writer’s guidelines are here.

Second, we’re looking for guest entries in “Life With Type 2,” our recently introduced blog. Given the large number of type 2s in the population of people with diabetes, we’d like to hear from as many of their voices as possible.

You can write about any aspect of type 2 that you want, from first diagnosis and the emotional burdens of the disease to treatment to other people’s perceptions to lifestyle changes to medical problems. Whatever thing about type 2 that affects you the most is what we want to read about.

Go here here and here for samples of the blog.

Send your correspondence to [email protected]. Be sure to put “Inspirational Story” or “Type 2 Blog” in the subject line of your e-mail. If you’re sending more than one article about more than one topic, don’t worry-we’ll sort out which categories they belong in.

Thank you!

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