Diabetes Health In the News Podcast: Anti-Diabetes Prescriptions Outpacing Anti-Obesity Drugs


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A new study published in the journal of Obesity has found that anti-diabetes drug prescriptions are far outweighing the number of prescriptions for anti-obesity drugs. In fact, there are 15 times more anti-diabetic medications (excluding insulin) dispensed compared to anti-obesity drugs. The adoption of new medications to combat obesity is also much slower than the adoption of a new anti-diabetes medication.

One of the greatest barriers to prescribing anti-obesity drugs is the lack of insurance coverage, although questions about long-term safety and unrealistic weight-loss expectations are also problematic. The researchers responsible for the study also believe that a reluctance to recognize obesity as a chronic medical condition or disease that requires medical care may also impact the number of prescriptions.

These findings were reported in the Obesity journal on August 29, 2016.

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