Diabetes Health In the News Podcast: Important Vote Scheduled in January 2017 for The Affordable Care Act

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When Congress convenes in early January 2017, they will waste no time before attempting to repeal parts of the Affordable Care Act. A budget resolution that will work to dismantle the ACA is set to hit the House floor during the week of January 9th.

GOP leaders plan to repeal the ACA via an expedited budget reconciliation process that only requires a majority Senate vote. This would allow Republicans lawmakers to strip funding to major aspects of the law, including Medicaid expansion, cost-sharing subsides, and premium stabilization programs. This could all be completed before Republicans put a replacement plan into place.

Healthcare industry leaders are concerned with the developments. They warn that a delayed replacement plan could lead to an individual insurance market collapse and may endanger both patients and hospitals.

These findings were published in Modern Healthcare on December 27, 2016

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