Diabetes Health Launches New Web Site

Approximately a million people a day look to the Internet for answers about diabetes. Now Diabetes Health, a long-time leader in patient advocacy through Diabetes Health magazine, has launched the best site on the web for finding those answers.

The Diabetes Health web site, which debuted on March 5, 2007, has been totally redesigned and is now a true information portal for people living with diabetes. With the new web site as the heart of our operation, we remain committed to our mission to bring the diabetes community together. The web site advocates for people with diabetes in the same hard-hitting, sometimes controversial manner that has been the tradition of Diabetes Health since its inception.

Packed With Features

The Diabetes Health web site has hit the ground running. All the latest news in diabetes is posted onto the web site as soon as it’s available. We welcome reader comments and professional input, and providing feedback is easy. Because isolation often accompanies diabetes, one of our paramount goals is encouraging connections among the diabetic community.

There are multiple content rooms, containing such topics as hypoglycemia, depression, insulin, and eye care, among many others. Once inside a content room, you can have your questions answered by the stellar advisory board that has been part of Diabetes Health for years.

Three Exciting New Elements

Digital Advantage

The online version of Diabetes Health magazine is just like the bi-monthly Diabetes Health print magazine, but it comes with extra sauce in the form of lots of special features. As you turn the digital pages, you’ll find direct hot links to research articles, products, and advertiser sites.

RSS Feeds: The Latest News, Direct to Your Desktop

On the new DiabetesHealth.com, we have integrated RSS feeds into all content rooms. By subscribing to Diabetes Health RSS feeds, you’ll be alerted to whatever’s new on DiabetesHealth.com. Subscribe to top headlines alone, or, if you are interested in specific content areas (for example, type 1 or hypoglycemia), subscribe to that specific room.

Diabetes Health Takes to the Airwaves

We’re very excited about Diabetes Health TV. The emergence of video on the Internet is in full swing, and we’re right in the thick of it. Diabetes Health TV brings you product demos by industry experts, fascinating interviews with celebrities with diabetes, in-depth conversations with diabetes personalities and researchers, and much more. Rate the videos and add your comments, because we need your input in order to bring you what you want to see.

Welcome One and All

Come on in and take a look at our new web site. It’s your new home on the Internet for diabetes news and community.

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