Diabetes Health is Switching to Monthly Mailings and a New Format

Good News! Our bimonthly days are gone! Beginning in January 1997 Diabetes Health will become a true monthly publication and you will receive a new issue each month. This will enable us to keep you more up-to-date with the ever changing world of diabetes and diabetes care.

Our mailing schedule isn’t the only thing changing. We have also launched a new look with this issue. Diabetes Health has changed to a smaller, magazine-style format that will enable us to provide you with more color photographs and illustrations. We hope that you will find the new format easier to read and more attractive. This special November/December issue still has two issues combined in the new format, but this is the last double issue you will receive.

In addition to our new look we are continuing to find new ways to bring you diabetes information and support. Keep an eye out for additions to Diabetes Health, such as a patient perspective column and a new case study department.

Your response to last month’s survey has been overwhelming. We are still receiving reply cards and we will be announcing the 20 winners of a five-year subscription in next month’s issue. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your willingness to respond and share your opinions with us. It is feedback like this that helped us make the decision to change our format. We hope that you will enjoy the changes we have made and, as always, invite and appreciate any other comments or suggestions you might have.

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