Diabetes Health in The News: CVD and Vitamin D

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Survival Rates of Diabetes Patients Increases with Better CV Risk Factor Control

A recent study found in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, discussed the relationship between diabetes and heart health. According to researchers, it is especially important that people living with diabetes control their heart health risk factors. When people with diabetes,  who are also living with heart disease, have only 0-2 of their heart disease risk factors under control, they were significantly (70%) more likely to suffer from a cardiovascular event and to pass away from these events. Likewise, patients that had all six heart disease risk factors under control were the least likely to suffer a cardiovascular event.

These findings were published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology magazine , August 18, 2015


No Evidence that Vitamin D Supplements Decrease Diabetes or Heart Disease Risk for Obese Teens

In recent years, many doctors have been prescribing high doses of vitamin D supplements, to their obese teenaged patients. This strategy was based on the belief that vitamin D, could benefit these teens in terms of their heart health, and diabetes risk. In the past, medical providers and researchers believed that a vitamin D deficiency, could lead to insulin resistance, heart disease, and other weight-related issues.

Doctors at the Mayo Clinic- Children’s Center,   have been taking a closer look at this theory. Despite doing four clinical trials over the last ten years, they have failed to find any link between chronic diseases and a vitamin D deficiency. This has led researchers to conclude that there is no significant benefit to prescribing vitamin D supplements to teens.

These findings were published in the Pediatric Obesity magazine on August 14, 2015






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