Diabetes Educator Launches New Line of Frozen Dinners

A new line of frozen dinners specifically designed for people with diabetes is now available.

Stella Maria’s is a line of seven different dinners, each with under 380 calories. Each dinner has 2 ounces of protein, 3 ounces of starch, 3 ounces of fruit and 3 ounces of vegetables, so people eating the meals can easily balance their diet.

Liz Pettineo, a registered dietitian and diabetes educator, came up with the idea for the dinners after seeing too many people with diabetes who were either unable or unwilling to eat balanced meals.

“After eight years of consulting, I realized there needed to be a more convien-ient way for people to eat right,” Pettineo said.

Stella Maria’s is operated out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida by Pettineo and her mother, Stella Maria. The dinners can be shipped frozen via UPS to anywhere in the U.S. in 24 hours. The meals have a 21-day refrigerated shelf life and can be purchased in blocks of 18. The price for 18 is $101 with shipping, which breaks down to $3.97 per meal plus $29 for shipping.

Stella Maria’s is currently working on a lunch and snack line of products, and hopes to close a deal with a major distributor, making the dinners available in stores across the country.

For more information, call Stella Maria’s at (800) 600-2373, or fax the company at (954) 493-8968.

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