Diabetes Education for Kids

Being the parent of a child with type 1, I wasanxious to evaluate Diabetes Education forKids by Dbaza, Inc. This software explainsthe different elements of diabetes andshows the child how to manage them.

A new user begins by creating a cartoon-likecharacter that will guide them through thefive interactive chapters presented in thesoftware. The character—which remindedme of Casper the Friendly Ghost—helpsmaintain the child’s attention along the way.

Reinforces Learning, AccomodatesKnowledge Levels

The chapters cover blood glucosemonitoring, insulin injections, meal planning(and how food affects blood glucosecontrol) and exercise, and they also explainhow all of these areas work together. Eachchapter’s instruction is followed by practicesessions that help reinforce the material thechild just learned.

The software accommodates differentknowledge levels. If the child already knowsthe information covered in a particularsection, it can be skipped. Users also can godirectly to a particular topic area in whichthey need further instruction; parents anddiabetes educators can suggest specificareas for the child to review.

Quizzes Let You Test Your Knowledge

The software can be stopped at any time,and when it is restarted, it will begin wherethe user left off. There are quizzes to testthe user’s knowledge, and the programkeeps track of the number of correct andincorrect answers, which can be printed outfor a later review. The software also includesa comprehensive dictionary of diabetes-relatedterms.

Diabetes Education for Kid’s best featureis its interactive capability, which allowsthe user to become part of the story.The program lets children build on theirunderstanding as they learn more aboutdiabetes management.

It’s Not Pump Friendly

The only drawback to this software is thatit does not cover the use of insulin pumps.With more and more doctors prescribingpumps, it would be useful if a future versionaddressed insulin pumps. Other than thissmall oversight, Diabetes Education forKids is an outstanding program, whichhas received a Favorably Reviewed Statusfrom the American Association of DiabetesEducators.

Diabetes Education for Kids costs $39.95,plus shipping and handling.

For more information, contact DbazaCustomer Service at (866) 322-9286 or visitwww.dbaza.com

Q. Will Diabetes Education forKids run on a Macintosh personal computer?

A. No.

Q. Would this program be usefulto nondiabetic users?

A. Yes. Diabetes Education for Kidscan be used to educate parents,siblings and other people whointeract with the diabetic child.

Q. Does Dbaza offerother software products?

A. Yes. They also offer DiabetesEducation for Teens and Diabetes DietaryManager.

Diabetes Education for Kids has thefollowing system requirements:

  • Pentium processor 350MHz or higher
  • 32 MB or more of RAM
  • 640×480, 16-color display
  • 10 MB hard disk space
  • 16x CD-ROM drive
  • Sound card
  • Macromedia Flash Player software
  • Windows 98/ME/2000/XP

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