Diabetes Drug Spending Slated to Balloon 70 Percent

Medco, a pharmacy benefit managing company, has released its 2007Drug Trend Report, and diabetes drugs are big news. The reportprojects that between 2007 and 2009, there could be a near 70percent increase in spending on endocrine and diabetes drugs.

Spending on diabetes meds is expected to grow 16 to 20 percentannually, as use increases each year by eight to ten percent andpatients more often use new drug combinations.

Diabetes treatments were the second leading contributor toprescription drug spending growth in 2006, topped only bycholesterol drugs. The use of diabetes drugs increased 5.1 percent,and spending on diabetes treatments increased 14.5 percent between2005 and 2006. As newer drugs are increasingly prescribed asfirst-line therapy, they are also expected to drive costs higher.

Source: SeniorJournal.com

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