Diabetes Diary Sets Targets for Nutritional and BG Levels

Do you use a personal computer runningon the Windows operating system?

Have you dreamed of having a low-costdiabetes management program to trackdaily nutrition information, exercise,medication and blood glucose levels?

Diabetes Diary from Tricalico Interactiveoffers these features plus many more.

Sets Targets for Nutritional and BG Levels

Diabetes Diary was designed to track bothindividual and multiple users or patients.The start-up screen will let you select whichpatient you wish to monitor. You can set uptargets for nutritional and blood glucoselevels for each patient. The software allows14 different times per day to record glucosereadings and four target categories for thesetimes.

The four categories are “OK Low,” “GoodLow,” “Good High” and “OK High.”

More Than 5,000 Food Selections

Diabetes Diary has an extensive fooddatabase with more than 5,000 foodselections with full data on calories, fat,saturated fat, cholesterol, carbohydrates,fiber and protein. Generic food items arearranged alphabetically in categories likebaked goods, beverages, dairy products,desserts and sweets, fruits, grains, soups andso forth.

Brand name products are also arrangedalphabetically.

Does Diabetes Diary Let You Customize the FoodDatabase?

In a word: Yes.

You may add your own food selections oredit existing selections in the database. Youmay copy or move foods from one categoryto another. Diabetes Diary also supportsa “favorites” list that allows you to havequick access to your favorite foods withoutsearching through the database. You mayalso import custom food entries from acomma-delimited file, so Diabetes Diary canuse data from other software programs.

Another useful feature is the ability tocompare the nutritional values for any twofoods listed in the database. This works forgeneric foods, brand name foods or for therestaurant choices.

Daily and Weekly Reports

Diabetes Diary offers a choice of daily andweekly reports.

The daily report shows the food choices andnutritional values for each meal or snack,blood glucose levels, weight, exercise andmore. For weekly reports, you can selecteither blood glucose or nutrition.

On the weekly blood glucose report, youcan choose up to five times daily to print.The results are shown in a bar graph for eachtime period. The weekly nutritional reportwill show the totals for each day of the weekas well as the totals for the week and a dailyaverage. These reports may be printed ineither black and white or in color.

For more information, call TricalicoInteractive at (602) 547-8639 or visit www.tricalico.com.

Q: Will Diabetes Diaryrun on a Macintosh personal computer?

A: Although it is not supported, Diabetes Diaryruns on a Macintosh using Virtual PC emulationsoftware.

Q: Would this program be useful to nondiabeticusers?

A: Yes. Diabetes Diary can be used to track nutritionalinformation and help control weight.

Q: Is Diabetes Diary available from anyoneother than Tricalico?

A: Yes, you can purchase the program from Amazon.com.

Q: Can I download my glucose meter intoDiabetes Diary?

A: No. The program supports only manual entryat this time.

How much does Diabetes Diary cost?

$29.95 plus shipping and handling.

Diabetes Diary has the following systemrequirements:

  • Pentium processor
  • 16 MB or more of RAM
  • 800X600 256-color display
  • 7 MB hard disk space, plus 3 MB per patient
  • CD-ROM drive

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