Diabetes Briefs

A Family Affair

Elderly men with type 2 diabetes who have a family history of diabetes represent a different subgroup than those without such a history according to a study in the April 1996 International Journal of Epidemiology. They are characterized by greater deterioration in beta-cell function and higher triglyceride levels.

Pump Therapy Helps Some Type 2s

Continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion (CSII, or pump therapy) with moderate amounts of insulin has proved beneficial for type 2s with poor glycemic control, reports a study in the February 1997 Diabetes/Metabolism Reviews. When used in conjunction with a low-calorie diet and metformin, it provided rapid glycemic control, led to weight loss, maintained regulation of insulin secretion and seemed to improve insulin secretion and sensitivity in as few as eight to 10 days.

HbA1cs Improved with Lispro

Reductions in blood glucose caused by lispro insulin are consistent and stable eight hours after a meal when administered with human Ultralente. According to the authors of a study in the March 1997 Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism this finding suggests that improved HbA1cs may be possible with lispro when it is dosed appropriately.

The Triglycerides You Didn’t Know About

Traditional triglyceride tests measure the triglycerides circulating in the blood. However, a study from the June 1997 Diabetes shows that increased triglyceride levels within muscle tissue are associated with insulin resistance. The study found that these levels, unlike triglycerides circulating in the blood, are not related to percentage of body fat, waist-to-hip ratio or body mass index.

Medicare Supports Nutrition Therapy

The American Dietetic Association applauded members of the U.S. House and Senate for introducing the Medicare Medical Nutrition Therapy Act. The bill will provide Medicare Part B coverage of medical nutrition therapy furnished by registered dietitians. “Medical professionals have known for years that medical nutrition therapy is a key factor in improving a patient’s health and saving health care dollars,” commented American Dietetic Association President, Ronni Chernoff, PhD, RD.

Lifesaving Necklaces

I.D. Technology Inc. in Baltimore, Md. is marketing the Iden-Tag necklace. The necklace provides a medical profile that lists medications and allergies that are important for emergency personnel to be aware of during a crisis. I.D. Technology Inc. has also developed a MediBand watchband ID – a pliable metal band that fits on a watchband. To contact I.D. Technology call (410) 602-1911.

Pass the Pectin, Please

Fiber Supreme, a nutritional supplement, is being marketed by ND Labs Inc. in Brooklyn, N.Y. The supplement contains apple pectin and guar gum, both of which, according to the company, promote good BGs. To order call 888-2ND-LABS or write ND Labs Inc., 3379 Shore Parkway, Brooklyn, N.Y. 11235.

Healthy Jewels

Deborah Aguado of Park West Station, N.Y., is hand crafting sterling silver diabetes awareness ribbons. The pin is 2 x 1.25 inches and costs 30 dollars. If 100 or more are ordered an organization’s logo can be engraved on the ribbon. For more information call (212) 865-7596.

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