Diabetes Assistant Software Offers Freedom in Tracking Your Diabetes Management Data

Looking for an inexpensive software package to help track your diabetes-management data? Do you want a Web-based program? How about the ability to e-mail the data directly to your doctor or certified diabetes educator (CDE)? Diabetes Assistant, a software program from Roche Diagnostics Corporation, might meet your needs.

And the best feature? It’s free!

Getting Started With Diabetes Assistant

To access Diabetes Assistant, go to www.accu-chek.com and click on the icon labeled Diabetes Assistant. On your first visit you must register and provide some information about yourself in order to use the program.

To upload data to Diabetes Assistant, you will need an Accu-Chek glucose meter, along with its data cable (you can also choose to enter your data manually). Diabetes Assistant will automatically display a graph when the upload is finished, and you will be able to select which graph is displayed. You can use any of these Accu-Chek glucose meters: Active, Advantage, Compact, Complete, Pocket Compass and Instant DM. You can purchase a cable to download all Accu-Chek meters for $50 by calling Accu-Chek Customer Service at (800) 428-5076.

Program Offers Many Features

Diabetes Assistant will store all of the data and allow you to add additional or delete existing data. It also lets you produce graphical reports drawn from the data. Reports offered include a logbook style report, daily or weekly average of blood-glucose levels , a trend graph, and a report showing the target blood glucose ranges. You can also select the date range used for the reports from the last 24 hours, 48 hours, seven days, 14 days, 30 days, 90 days, one year, two years or five years.

You can change the program settings during its operation, personalizing the settings for your glucose meter, blood glucose target range, types of insulin you are using, and time blocks (so you can see whether the test is pre- or post-meal). You can also select regional options and alter your user-profile information.

The e-mail function is handy and allows you to send information to your doctor, CDE or another member of your healthcare team. Once you select the e-mail function, you can choose from the list of reports you want to send. You can e-mail a single report, two or more reports or all of the reports. Enter the desired e-mail address and add any comments you want to accompany the reports.

The recipient will receive two e-mail messages. The first, referencing you by name, will have a description of the selected reports and will provide a link to a Web page where the reports can be viewed. The secound e-mail will contain a password required to acess the reports.

All data is encrypted and safe, keeping third parties from viewing it.

For additional information, log on to www.accu-chek.com or call Roche Diagnostics at (800) 858-8072.

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