“Design Your Own” Draw Paks Are for the Kid Insulin Pumper in You

Pump Wear has a new product called a “Draw Pak”-it’s a pump pack that you can truly make your own. The pack, which is made of black cordura, has a white vinyl front that your can decorate yourself with “Sharpie” permanent markers. (Hint: Costco sells a package of every color you could possibly need.) Want to practice your picture?  Use washable markers to play with your ideas, then wipe it clean until you’re ready for the final design. Test your creativity and create your own sports design, fun fashion design, or special events logo-it’s all up to you. 

Pump Wear believes that wearing an insulin pump shouldn’t take the fun out of being a kid (or an adult). With that goal in mind, they design pump products that give people “freedom, comfort, flexibility, and fun.”

The Draw Pak comes in a child size and an adult size, in either velcro or double zip versions. If you want a hook added, just ask. It retails for $30.99 (add $2 for the adult size).

Learn more or purchase a Draw Pak

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