Delta Burke Hits the Road For Byetta

Actress Delta Burke, best known for her role as the zaftig Susanne Sugerbaker in the television show Designing Women, is the new spokeswoman for the Byetta Let’s Talk campaign, sponsored by Amylin Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and Eli Lilly and Company. She’s a Byetta user herself who has lost twenty pounds while on the medication.

The campaign is designed to educate people with type 2 diabetes about the importance of a healthy lifestyle and how Byetta can help manage type 2 diabetes. Delta Burke, who has had type 2 diabetes for nearly ten years, will appear in select cities to talk with attendees, who will also have an opportunity to talk with a fitness expert, a chef, and a healthcare professional about diabetes management.


Read a press release about the Byetta Let’s Talk campaign.

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