Debut Book Empowers By Celebrating The Funny Side Of Living With Diabetes

Everyone with diabetes has a pretty good understanding about the dreary aspects of the disease, which inspired Laura Kronen to show things in a different light.

The author of “Too Sweet: The Not-So-Serious Side to Diabetes” – which received positive reviews from best-selling author and Fox News expert Dr. Keith Ablow, MD, among others – shares her story of living successfully with type 1 diabetes despite having a sweet tooth and a longtime fear of needles.

With chapters including “You know you’re a diabetic when…” – which takes its style from comedian Jeff Foxworthy but features Kronen’s experienced voice – and “A love/hate relationship with diabetes,” she takes readers on a celebratory journey through her life as someone who’s “pancreatically challenged, a problem she believes should have no bearing on success.

Through her stories, she brings a dash of humor to her life – including the 172,000 injections and finger pricks she’s endured over the last 20 years – to help empower the 29 million others living with diabetes to not only take a minute to laugh about their disease (laughter is the best medicine, after all), but also to find a sense of empowerment.

“Being a diabetic poses many challenges, but along the way, when we learn to cope and even thrive,” she says. “Once in a blue moon, I sometimes still get bitter and pissy and question why I got this disease. However, then I recover from my funk and consider myself lucky that it’s fairly manageable, and that medicine has come a long way since the early twentieth century, or I’d be dead by now.”

Her story weaves together a personal journey along with useful information that can help others learn to live better and make healthier choices without beating themselves up when they slip up.

Endocrinologist Dr. John Chip H. Reed III, MD, CDE, called “Too Sweet” “an irreverent take on a serious disease. Diabetes requires effort to control and to prevent complications. Though the goal to make your numbers (i.e., glucose, A1c, cholesterol and blood pressure) are important, you can be and should be more than your numbers and live life to its fullest.”

Clearly, Kronen – who when she’s not writing serves as the founder of the acclaimed “Be You Only Better” life-affirming coaching service – does just that, as she reveals in her emotional, honest take on her life with diabetes.

“The truth is that although diabetes doesn’t define me, it has sculpted me into the person that I am today,” she says. “It’s made me tough, both mentally and physically. It has given me credence in knowing that I have control over my body and how it looks and feels. It’s taught me discipline. I am the new face of diabetes. People always look at me and say, ‘Wow, you have diabetes?’ That’s because it doesn’t stop me from anything, looking good, or living a full life.”

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