Day of Hope

Miss America, Nicole Johnson, took time out at the “Day of Hope” to say hello to DIABETES HEALTH publisher Scott M. King. The “Day of Hope” was held March 27 in Palm Springs, California, as a diabetes product fair and research forum. It featured Miss America and three speakers from the diabetes business and research world. Alberto Hayek, MD, a leading islet researcher, announced that he is replicating beta cells 1 to 25,000, a true breakthrough on the road to islet transplantation. Another speaker, Scott R. King of Islet Sheet Medical, will collaborate with Hayek and use the replicated cells for his company’s work in encapsulating islets for transplantation. Finally, Russell Potts, vice president at Cygnus, hopeful makers of a watch-like, noninvasive glucose monitor, presented his views on noninvasive blood testing.

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