Dawn of an Interactive Diabetes Website

In 2001, the Diabetes Attitudes, Wishes, and Needs Study (DAWN) was undertaken to gather psychosocial data about why more than half of people with diabetes dont manage their diabetes all that well.

The study, which was sponsored by Novo Nordisk, revealed that most people with diabetes find their self-care extremely demanding and dont follow all their treatment recommendations. More than two in five reported poor psychological wellbeing, and many experienced emotional stress related to their diabetes. 5,426 adults with diabetes participated, as well as numerous diabetes professionals. Half the patients, who hailed from thirteen different countries, had type 2 and half had type 1.

On the basis of the DAWN study, Novo Nordisk has re-vamped their website, www.changingdiabetes-us.com, in order to help people identify and overcome their unique psychosocial barriers to better self-care. Its interactive tools allow users to make up a psychosocial profile, develop personal diabetes goals, and customize the site content. You do have to register to use the site, but once thats done, youll find features to help you define achievable goals and organize the beginnings of a more satisfactory self-care regimen.

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