Dana Magic Bolus Calculator

This month we take a look at the Dana MagicBolus Calculator from Dana Diabecare USA.These are the folks who make the DanaDiabecare II insulin pump.

Because this pump does not contain thebuilt-in bolus “wizards” or calculators like some of the other pumps on the market, Dana has created the Magic Bolus Calculator software to run on a Palm Pilot or Pocket PC. It is designed for insulin pump users who want a tool for computing their bolus, or for any person with insulin-treated diabetes who is trying to match insulin doses tocarbohydrates.

So How Does It Work?

Dana Magic uses the same information thatyou use for computing bolus amounts. Youpersonalize the software with your targetblood glucose range, your high-glucosecorrection factor, your total daily dose andyour insulin-to-carbohydrate ratio, and thesoftware performs its “magic” for you.

To calculate a bolus for a meal or snack, enteryour current blood glucose reading, andthen enter the number of carbohydrates inyour meal. Dana Magic will do the calculationfor you and present you with the bolusquantity. If you do not know the number ofcarbohydrates for your food, Dana Magichas a built-in food database. The database iscategorized so that you can find a particulartype of food quickly.

Helps With Highs

If you are suffering from a high blood glucoselevel, Dana Magic can help. Simply enter theblood glucose level into the software, andit will calculate the correction bolus for you.Dana Magic also will add a correction factorwhen you are eating a meal and currentlyhave high blood glucose.

And Lows?

Dana Magic has an option to help calculatethe number of glucose tablets you will needto take to raise your blood glucose level toyour target range.

Software Cost

The Dana Magic Bolus Calculator costs $35. It can be downloaded from the Dana Web siteby logging on to http://theinsulinpump.com.

For more information, contact DanaCustomer Service at (866) 342-2322or visit the Web site.

Q. Will the Dana Magic BolusCalculator run on a Macintoshor a Windows personal computer?

A. No.

Q. Would this program be usefulto insulin-treated diabetics whodo not use an insulin pump?

A. Yes. Dana Magic can be used byanyone who is trying to matchinsulin doses to carbohydrates.

Dana Diabecare offers versions of the MagicBolus Calculator that are compatible withthe following systems:

  • Pocket PC 2002
    (Win CE 3.x) OS
  • Pocket PC 2003
    (Win CE 4.x) OS
  • Palm (3.x and 4.x) OS
    —Color display only
  • Palm (5.x) OS
    —Color display only
  • Palm (3.x and 4.x) OS
    —Black and white display only
  • Palm (5.x) OS
    —Black and white display only

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