D-Care Adds Herbal Combination Tablets to Line of Diabetes Care Products

The D-Care line of products now offers several herbal combination tablets specifically designed for diabetes care. All contain gymnema sylvestre, an herb often linked to improved glucose control, plus other herbs to aid in specific areas of wellness.

Made by PureTek, the D-Care brand is made specifically for people with diabetes, featuring foot and body care products, nutrition bars and multiple vitamins.

D-Care also produces an organic Weight Management System, a two-part system that comes in a 30-day supply. Don Tipples, PureTek’s director of sales, says it is not designed to help you lose weight, but, “with a proper diabetes diet and exercise, the Weight Management System can alter your body’s needs for sweet and fatty foods.” Working toward this goal are gymnema sylvestre, chromium piccolinate, hawthorn berry and other herbs.

More specifically designed toward glucose control, the Sugar Blocker also contains gymnema sylvestre and chromium piccolinate, plus it employs vanadyl sulfate.

Because of their wide range of products, PureTek has found it difficult for store managers nationwide to reserve the large amount of shelf space required for over 37 products. To find a store near you that carries the D-Care line, search its Web site, d-care.com. Diabetic Promotions, a mail-order service, carries D-Care products. Its number is (800) 433-1477.

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