Curling Up with a Good Diabetes Cookbook

February seems a good month to view the wintry weather outside from a comfortable chair, accompanied by a steaming cup of sugar-free hot cocoa and a pile of diabetes cookbooks. From the many available choices, here are a few I highly recommend:

  • The Art of Cooking for the Diabetic (Third Edition), by Mary Abbott Hess, LHD, MS, RD, FADA. ($24.95) The recipes are developed with both good taste and good health in mind. Nutritionists and chefs meet on common ground, and you will find a wide range of accurate and well-written recipes with accompanying nutritional analyses.
  • The Joslin Diabetes Quick and Easy Cookbook by Frances T. Giest and Bonnie S. Polin, PhD. ($15) If you want to savor interesting, fanciful and nutritious meals, but don’t have the luxury of time in the kitchen, then you should pick up this book. The recipes are compact and easy to follow, and I think you’ll be pleased with the results. This book is worth reading for its good diabetes information. You’ll find weeks of menu planning and restaurant menu choices, and helpful suggestions for stocking your pantry.
  • The Diabetic Cookbook by Michelle Berriedale-Johnson from the Healthy Living Library, Lorenz Books. ($12.95) When I see a step-by-step photo companion to a recipe, I feel like I’m not cooking alone. Someone else has tried the recipe and it works. This is one of the special attributes I like about this book.
  • The Everyday Gourmet Diabetes Cookbook by Mary Donkersloot, RD ($25) is a brand new and very exciting cookbook. Recipes and theory are intact, and each has a friendly introduction that adds a personal warmth to the page. You’ll find a good explanation of carb counting, along with hints and tips for a healthy lifestyle. The writer’s personality comes through as conversational, making this an easy read, and the boxed nutritional calculations are good eye catchers.

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