Cumberland Re-Launches Sweet’N Low Syrups

Cumberland Packing Corporation, the makers of Sweet’N Lowsweetener, have re-launched two Sweet’N Low flavored syrups.

The reformulated syrups come in chocolate and strawberry flavors,“perfect,” as Cumberland puts it, “for mixing inmilkshakes and drizzling on ice cream or frozen yogurt.”

A two-tablespoon serving is sugar free, fat free and cholesterolfree and contains 5 grams of carbohydrate with 3 to 4 grams of sugaralcohol, depending upon the particular syrup.

Cumberland says that compared to Hershey’s regular syrup,Sweet’N Low chocolate-flavored syrup has 90 percent fewercalories, while the strawberry flavor has 95 percent fewer calories.

Both chocolate and strawberry syrups are available in 18-ouncebottles and retail for $2.99. They are available at mass retail andsupermarket chains nationwide.

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Source: Cumberland Packaging Corporation

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