Cruising With the King of Low Carb and Diabetes

On most cruises, a low-carb diet is the last thing on people'sminds. In fact, stuffing yourself 24/7 is pretty much the order ofthe day.

If that doesn't appeal to you, however, and if you're a diabeteshealthcare professional who's always wanted to consult with Dr.Richard Bernstein, now's your chance. A nine-day round tripconference cruise to the Eastern Caribbean is scheduled to leavefrom New York City on March 7, 2008, and Dr. Bernstein will be onboard.

Dr. Bernstein, who's had type 1 diabetes for over sixty years, is aniconoclast who's become an icon in the diabetes world. The firstperson with diabetes to ever monitor his own blood sugar, he hasbeen breaking new ground ever since. Best known for championing alow-carb diet, he has published two books, The Diabetes Solution andThe Diabetes Diet, in which he details his controversial program forblood sugar normalization.

This expedition is a rare chance to get up close and personal with aman who's changed the world of diabetes. On the cruise, you'll beable to discuss your most difficult cases with Dr. Bernstein,bringing the fruits of his years of research home to your practice.

Not only that, but you'll garner twenty hours of continuing medicaleducation (CME), all the while enjoying a luxury ship that offersrestaurants and bars, a casino, sporting venues, and all the otherstandard amenities of Caribbean cruising.

Rooms cost from $1440 to $3640 for two people. For more information,go to or email an inquiry to