Cornstarch Cuts Kids’ Nighttime Hypos By 73%

According to a study performed at a diabetes camp, kids with type I diabetes should eat uncooked cornstarch before bedtime.

On randomly assigned nights, the researchers gave the group of 51 insulin dependent kids 5 grams of cornstarch as part of the evening snack. On the other nights, the kids received a snack of equal carbohydrate content.

Blood glucose levels were measured at midnight and again in the morning. Interestingly enough, when the kids ate cornstarch they had significantly fewer low blood sugars.

During the nights that the kids ate the standard snack, there were 56 hypoglycemic episodes. During the cornstarch nights, there were only 15 hypoglycemic episodes.

The data suggests that eating cornstarch diminishes the likelihood of nighttime and morning hypoglycemia, without elevating blood sugars.

The study abstract was published in the May 1995 Supplement I of Diabetes.

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