Concert Promoter Sued for Discrimination Against People With Diabetes

The U.S. Justice Department has filed a lawsuit against concert promoter SFX Entertainment, Inc., for its policy that prohibits insulin users from bringing their diabetes supplies into concerts. Filed with the U.S. District Court in Philadelphia, the lawsuit claims that the policy violates the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA).

“Individuals with diabetes are entitled to attend and enjoy community events, like anyone else, without putting their lives at risk,” Ralph F. Boyd Jr., assistant attorney general for civil rights, said in a news release from the Justice Department.

“SFX’s policy is unnecessary and reflects outdated fears about individuals with disabilities,” he stated. “Our goal is to foster integration of the disabled into society at large.”

In addition, Title III of the ADA bans discrimination in public places against anyone based on his or her disability. The Justice Department claims that “SFX’s policy violates the ADA because it denies individuals with diabetes equal access to and enjoyment of the concert.”

The lawsuit was issued after efforts at a voluntary settlement with SFX failed, the news release said.

SFX Entertainment, Inc., which does business as Clear Channel Entertainment, is the world’s largest concert promoter. It owns, leases, or operates approximately 110 venues throughout the United States, which present concerts, sports events and other live performances.

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