Concerned About Your Friends or Family’s Diabetes Risk? Tell Them About the VAP Test

If you have diabetes, chances are you are already taking cholesterol-lowering drugs or realize that they might soon join the list of your other medications.

You’re also likely to be especially concerned about the possibility that members of your family or some of your friends are at risk of developing type 2 diabetes. That’s why you might want to recommend that they take a VAP (vertical auto profile) test, an easy-to-obtain, do-it-yourself test that gives a remarkably accurate assessment of the risks a person is running for heart disease or diabetes.

The test, introduced in 2003, measures 15 separate components of blood cholesterol, compared to three in a standard cholesterol test. It has also been shown to identify more than twice the number of patients with lipid abnormalities than the standard lipid panel in a conventional cholesterol and triglyceride test.

Because of its level of detail, the test often helps doctors uncover hidden threats to patients, such as low HDL2, high triglycerides, and small, dense LDL–all factors in metabolic syndrome, the precursor to adult-onset diabetes

The test also gives doctors and clinicians the level of detailed information they need to better assess, manage and lower heart disease risk in type 2s. Here’s a sample test result.

You can order the VAP through your doctor's office, at most clinics or directly through HealthCheck USA. Medicare and most private insurers cover its cost. Click here for more information.

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