Common Psychological Issues That Factor Into a Patient Not Following a Treatment Regimen

  • Testing hurts my fingers. No one will want to marry me. My skin looks bumpy at injection sites
  • Insulin makes me look fat
  • It’s not fair that I have to think about diabetes all the time
  • I’ll have a bad insulin reaction, especially at nighttime
  • High (or low) blood sugars make me moody
  • Each high blood sugar reading is a nail in my coffin
  • Complications are “time bombs” waiting to explode
  • I’m sick and tired of taking care of my diabetes
  • I have to keep my diabetes a secret or I’ll lose friends
  • I feel as if my doctor is judging me
  • My insurance won’t cover diabetes supplies, treatment or education

-Courtesy of Alan Jacobsen, MD, Joslin Diabetes Center

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