Color Pictures of the 10 Worst Foods for People With Diabetes!

Our office manager sent us this link to a site with beautiful color photos of 10 foods that people with diabetes should avoid.

Some of them are obvious-white bread, candy, and snack cakes and pastries. Most people with diabetes know to avoid those foods. But the list also includes raisins, bacon, and whole milk.

Even though people with diabetes are advised to eat fruit, the drying process concentrates so much sugar into raisins that they are like a four-alarm carb dose.

Saturated fats in bacon, it turns out, can help inflame body tissue-exactly the last thing that people with diabetes, which is an inflammatory disease, need.

Whole milk also has “bad” fats and increases insulin resistance.

Despite the thumbs down on the 10 foods illustrated, there are many pleasurable alternatives. Fresh fruit can substitute for raisins and other dried fruits, white meats and fish can fill in nicely for bacon and ribs, and low-fat dairy products can quickly become an acquired taste.

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