Cold and Flu Cough Syrup Safe for Type 1 Kids

With the cold and flu season upon us, Health Care Products, the maker of Diabetic Tussin, has introduced its Diabetic Tussin for Children line, which is formulated to be safe for children with diabetes.

“When it comes to children, especially those with diabetes, you can never be too cautious with medications,” says Gary M. April, president of Health Care Products. “This is why we developed the Diabetic Tussin for Children line, so parents can have confidence in giving their children medicines that are tailored to their specific needs as a diabetic. “

April says that common additives in over-the-counter medicines for cough, cold and allergy generally include some combination of sugar, alcohol, fructose, sodium, codeine, sorbitol and dyes.

“Diabetic Tussin for Children does not contain any of these potentially dangerous additives,” April says.

The new line includes:

  • Diabetic Tussin for Children DM (for cough and congestion)
  • Diabetic Tussin for Children Night Time (for colds and flu), and
  • Diabetic Tussin for Children Allergy Relief

Diabetic Tussin for Children is expected to be carried in many of the major drugstore chains, supermarkets and national retailers in the cough and cold medicine section as well as the diabetic section.

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