Clinical Study Begins on Insulin Delivery Device for Type 2s

A clinical study has begun of a wearable device that continuously delivers basal insulin to people with type 2 diabetes. The device, PaQ®, is manufactured by CeQur SA, a Swiss company that has operations in Denmark and Massachusetts. Designed to provide three days of basal insulin delivery along with on-demand bolus insulin, the device incorporates a disposable insulin infuser reservoir attached to a reusable insulin monitor.

The clinical study, led by Professor Thomas Pieber, head of the Division of Endocrinology and Metabolism at the University Hospital Graz, Austria, will determine if the device can successfully deliver daily insulin to type 2 users. Pieber will be looking at safety, patient satisfaction, and glycemic control.

According to CeQur, 11 million type 2s in the European Union and the United States take insulin to manage their disease. When multiple daily injections are required, however, half of all patients skip doses, citing inconvenience, embarrassment, pain, and disruption of their daily routine. CeQur’s hope is that a discreet continuous insulin infusion will increase the percentage of type 2s who adhere to an insulin regimen.
More information about the device is available at

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