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iMetrikus of Carlsbad, California, announced its partnership with Home Diagnostics Inc. (HDI) to offer a new system for people with diabetes to test blood sugars and track the results in a format that can be provided to their doctors.

The service includes a new blood glucose monitoring system by HDI, called Prestige IQ, coupled with a software program by iMetrikus that uploads the results of the tests. The program then converts the results into a graph that can be printed out and given to one’s doctor or sent over the Internet.

Called the Prestige Smart System, the service is provided at no cost, but it requires the purchase of the Prestige IQ monitor and a special cable connection. The Prestige IQ monitor costs approximately $14.99 and the cable connection costs $19.95.

For more information or to order the meter and cable connection, call (866) 476-3837 or log on to The Prestige IQ is available at Medicine Shop locations around the country.

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