Chromium Doesn’t Help Control Type 2 Diabetes in Western Populations

In a recent Dutch study, researchers gave either a placebo or adaily dose of 400 micrograms of chromium to 57 obese,insulin-requiring type 2 patients with A1c's above eight percent.

After three months and again after six months, they found nodifference between the two groups with regard to fasting bloodglucose, A1c's, blood pressure, body fat, weight, cholesterol, orinsulin resistance.

They concluded that in Western patients, chromium does notimprove blood sugar control, possibly because their diet isalready sufficiently rich in the mineral. A recent similarstudy, examining 46 obese Dutch people with type 2, basicallycame to the same conclusions.

The researchers added, however, that in non-Western populations whomight be deficient in the mineral, such supplementation may beuseful. Previous studies of Chinese and Indian populations haveshown that chromium supplementation does help people with type 2diabetes control their blood sugar.

Source: Diabetes Care, May 2007

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