Celebrating Two Anniversaries

Though I didn’t get a cake, I just celebrated my biggest birthday. I have now lived for 30 years with diabetes—that’s 30 years of effort and worry, 30 years of information-gathering, testing, dieting, hypos, injections and doctor visits. Somehow, luckily, I have thrived.

Then, 14 years ago, my business partner and I founded this magazine. We have grown tremendously, but we are still an independent company. We are not doctors; and we don’t set diabetes policy—but we do report on it, and much more. We are free to look at all sides of the issues.

Staying fit and healthy is my personal goal. Now that I am over 40 and a father, I find myself thinking more about how I can live a better and longer life. One of my chief goals for Diabetes Health is to help you find ways to do that as well.

And Six Months of Diabetes Health

This month we celebrate six months since our re-launch as Diabetes Health. You tell us the magazine is more attractive, more readable and more useful than ever, and we agree. With our increased content, improved design, new columns and expanded focus, we bring you even more information and strategies to help you stay healthy.

Mr. Iacocca Steps Up

Also this past month, the Iacocca Foundation celebrated a big anniversary. Lee Iacocca, whose wife died from diabetes 20 years ago, has been funding diabetes research ever since to try to find a cure. Now he has identified some very promising research by Denise Faustman, MD, which needs only money in order to start human trials. Iacocca went to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and asked for funding to start the human trials, but they turned him down. Not one to give up, Iacocca has taken matters into his own hands. He has put up $1 million of his own money and has asked others to give the remainder.

Once funded, the trials could prove that the islets in a human pancreas can be regenerated, which would, in short, mean a cure for diabetes. This month, we are launching a new column in support of the important work of the Iacocca Foundation.

Saluting Our Advertisers

As our readership grows, so does our advertiser support. Their support has allowed us to increase the number of pages in this magazine. This means more great articles and more up-to-the-minute information for you each month.

Our lives have been made immeasurably easier and healthier due to the research and the advances in technology that have resulted in better syringes and lancing devices, smaller and faster meters and improved insulins and drugs.

Diabetes is an epidemic that is running wild. The NIH currently spends $1 billion each year on diabetes research. However, it seems that many of the new advances we now benefit from come to us from the for-profit pharmaceutical and device companies and not from the government.

This month I celebrate these two big anniversaries along with all the new products that help make our lives easier.

I hope you have a great Thanksgiving!

Scott King
Type 1, 30 years (and counting)

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