Case Ser? Ser?

We all know there are all sorts of diabetes care supplies that we might want to carry: batteries, pump tubing, lancets, syringes, even log books and emergency information. And what about other treatment aids, such as glucose tablets, urine test strips, or glucagon?

Also, since some of what we discard is medical waste, like used syringes, lancets, test strips and cotton, we often need secure ways to pack this away until we have the opportunity to dispose of it properly. What do we choose to carry around town or out of town, and what do we pack it in? A well-outfitted and well-organized carrying case, perhaps.

The companies in this survey have all given thought and care to easing the task of carrying, protecting and being organized. Some of their products can even remind you when you are low on a supply.

We’ve also included information on carrying cases for the pump. You may not have been aware of the variety of products that are available to make wearing a pump livable, comfortable and attractive. Look for new products here that may enhance your particular lifestyle.

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