Carb Controversy: Tackled From Both Sides.

If food groups were sporting leagues, carbs would be the NFL. You've got your low carb teams, your high carb vegan teams, and your middling carb teams—and each team believes that truth is on its side.

Here, we start the play with a distinctly controversial theory by Barry Groves, PhD, who contends that eating carbohydrates makes you fat and that eating fat is the only way to lose weight.

We tossed this theory like a football to two respected physicians and authors, Dr. Neal Barnard and Dr. Richard Bernstein, who are definitely on rival carb teams. Each of them ran with it according to his particular carb convictions. Dr. Barnard is on the vegan team, where high complex carbs always trump low carbs. Dr. Bernstein's team is all low-carb. The ball also went to CDE and author Hope Warshaw, for her run on the field.

The results play out in the following sequence of articles, so enjoy the debate. Who's the winner? It's in your hands: comment on the articles and let us know which team has the most fans. And keep in mind that in the final analysis, it's much more than a game, because it's all about having the information to make the best decisions for your health.

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