Captain Novolin

The long-awaited video game, Captain Novolin, is now available to the public, and in time for the holidays. Test markets have shown Captain Novolin to be a hit with children who have diabetes, and their friends and family enjoy it also.

Captain Novolin is the first superhero to have diabetes. The goal of the game is to help him stop the alien invaders and stay healthy by taking insulin, eating properly, and exercising. Jumpin’ Jelly John, Fizzy Floyd, Larry Licorice, and Blubberman are just a few of the aliens Captain Novolin fends off during his journey to rescue Mayor Gooden, who has been kidnapped by them. Kids gain a fundamental understanding of diabetes and management while having fun playing the game.

Raya Systems, in conjunction with Novo Nordisk sponsorship, developed Captain Novolin to help children with diabetes, their friends and families learn and communicate about diabetes. Captain Novolin is available only for Super Nintendo and sells for $59.95. For ordering and information call Raya Systems at 415-949-3933.