Canadian “Diabulimia” Study Seeks DH Readers’ Input

The University of Quebec is sponsoring an online survey (go to directed at people with diabetes who may have an eating disorder.

Cynthia Gagnon, a doctoral candidate in psychology, is asking people who meet the following criteria to log on to the site and answer a questionnaire. She estimates that it will take about 35 minutes to complete.

Eligibility criteria:
• Diabetes only
• An eating disorder (anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, or binge eating disorder) or a weight regulation disorder (obesity) only
• Diabetes in combination with the eating or weight regulation disorders listed above

“With this research, we want to develop a psychological treatment for patients with diagnoses of diabetes and eating disorders,” said Ms. Gagnon.
“Participation is entirely voluntary. The data collected in this study are entirely confidential, and the website used for data collection is secure in order to ensure confidentiality. The results will allow us to contribute to the advancement of knowledge about the relationship between eating disorders and diabetes, an understudied domain.”



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