Can we Have a Diabetic Holiday?

Remember the old song “Sleigh Ride”?

“There’s a happy feeling nothing in the worldcan buy,
When they pass around the chocolate and the pumpkin pie . . .
It’s lovely weather for a sleigh ride together with you.”

Has a friend or someone at work offered you asugary confection this month? I’d be very surprised if you said no.

We all know that optimal control is key. Thatkeeping blood sugar in range is the best thing forstaving off complications. And that limiting carbsis important. But all that talk can go right out thewindow during the month of December, whenchocolates, fruitcakes and eggnog seem to appeareverywhere you look.

Creating Healthier Family Traditions

When I was growing up, holiday foods wereconnected to love. With warm feelings, we ate allkinds of sugary treats. And I was fat. It’s so easy as an adult to fall back into unhealthy familial habits, especially during the dark months of winter.

My goal for my family is to get the love out of thedessert kitchen. We don’t hang raw carrots on thetree, but we don’t buy candy canes, either. Thisyear, we are making more time during the holidaysto play outdoors.

Do You Take a Holiday During the Holidays?

A few years back, we asked a lot of you how yousurvive during the holiday season, “Toeing the Lineor Taking a Holiday?”. Your answers were terrific.

One reader said she simply “takes a holiday”from her eating routine in December. Another reader told us that she skips the stuffing, yams and pumpkin pie, saying, “I just think of how I’mnot going to get diabetes complications fromindulging indiscriminately, and I’m perfectlyhappy.” Yet another said he eats whatever is put infront of him during the holidays and compensatesfor any indulgences by counting carbs or using acorrection bolus.

Techniques That Work for Me

I have developed some strategies that work wellfor me. I’ll take just one bite of some dishes (likemy sister’s famous fruited ricotta cheesecake), or I’ll get one of my kids to give me just one bite of the dessert they are having. When I bake a pumpkinpie, I use Splenda and stevia to sweeten it. And Itry to take a walk after dinner or arrange to meet abuddy at the gym. For me, taking extra insulin tocover extra carbs puts on extra weight. I workedreally hard to lose each pound, and I sure don’twant them back.

If you need some lower-carb ideas for holidayentertaining, take a look at some of Gerri French’srecipes. And don’t miss the low-carb cocktails—that eggnog tastes prettygood!

Happy Holidays

I hope you and your family have a joyous holidayseason and a healthy, happy and prosperousNew Year!

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Scott King
Type 1, 31 years (and counting)

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