Can a Type 2 Drug Improve Type 1 Control?

Japanese researchers say that adolescents and young adults who have poor blood glucose control can add one more weapon to their control arsenal: a type 2 drug.

Metformin, a popular type 2 drug, is being touted as a safe adjunct to insulin for this population.

Nine type 1 participants with an average age of 18 years were studied. The participants had an average A1C of 9.5% despite taking an average of 74 units of insulin per day. When 500 mg to 750 mg of metformin was added to their daily regimen, A1C decreased to an average of 8.6%, while insulin requirements decreased to an average of 69.8 units per day.

The researchers add that no adverse events, not even lactic acidosis, were observed during the study period.

Pediatrics International, August 2005

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