Camp Scholarship Set Up in Zula Walters’ Name

On January 14, at the fourth annual Diabetes Camping conference held at the Clara Barton Diabetes Center in North Oxford, Massachusetts, TheraSense, Inc., of Alameda, California, presented the Diabetes Camping Association (DCA) with a $10,000 scholarship in honor of DCA Executive Director Zula Walters, who is preparing for retirement.

“Zula’s efforts have been an inspiration to the diabetes community, among others,” said Jay Dunigan, director of professional relations at TheraSense. “I feel privileged that we can honor her with this gift.”

Last year, TheraSense sent more than 80 children between the ages of 5 and 17 to one of 23 diabetes summer camps across the United States. TheraSense donated more than $50,000 to make summer camp possible for these children, who would otherwise not have had the opportunity to attend.

According to TheraSense, Walters will direct this scholarship fund. Nominations for scholarship recipients will be accepted through March 30. DCA programs are encouraged to have affiliated healthcare professionals nominate children for the camp scholarship program at

For more information about TheraSense camp scholarships, contact Jessica Bloat at (888) 701-1171, ext. 2619.

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