Book Reviews: Quick And Easy Recipes, Healthy Selects-by Frank R. Blenn-$8.95

Good food is one of the joys of life…but what if you don’t have time for culinary school? The solution to the age-old question is at hand-Frank R. Blenn’s Healthy Selects series.

Blenn was inspired to write the books when he noticed his mother, who has diabetes, was frustrated by having to cook two meals-one for the family and one for herself. After much trial and error, Blenn has created five excellent recipe books that will please even the most impatient cook. None of the recipes are more than one page long. The instructions for each are clear, and the ingredients are generally things we all have on hand.

In Quick & Hearty Main Dishes, Blenn presents such tempting fare as “Eggplant Lasagna”, “Beef Shishkabobs”, and “Apple Cinnamon Pork Chops.” He has included a hearty selection of different kinds of food-from pasta, seafood, and meat, to numerous breakfast dishes.

Simple & Tasty Side Dishes offers foods that would be great for holidays or the typical weeknight family meal. “Multi-colored Pepper Stir-Fry” and “Asparagus with Vinaigrette” are just two of the winners in this book. The real beauty of Blenn’s recipes is that they are conspicuously low in calories, depending more upon flavorful spices than oils and other fat. It is often difficult to get a satisfying meal out of a healthfully prepared one-skillet dish, but Blenn has managed to make his recipes really exciting.

“I wanted something down to earth, easy to use, functional. It had to be something people coming home from work could prepare,” he says.

The ADA approves of the book series, stating in the foreword that “Blenn created these recipes to help others cope with diabetes and thought to offer them to us in an effort to reach and assist a wider audience.” Blenn himself says, “[these are] lighter and healthier recipes that still taste wonderful.”

The ADA has tested each recipe and provides a complete nutritional value list along with exchanges.

It isn’t just people with diabetes who will benefit from Blenn’s series. Everyone needs to cut down on fat and calories, and these books will work wonderfully for anyone who cooks for an entire family.

The ADA says, “Diets don’t work! Healthy eating every day is the way to reach your goal. No one will stick with a healthy eating plan unless it’s easy and tastes good. With Healthy Selects cookbooks, you can have both.”

Other titles in the series include, Great Starts & Fine Finishes, Easy & Elegant Entrees, and Savory Soups & Salads. More are expected by early 1996.

It’ll only cost you $8.95 per book to get on the road to better eating. You can order the books with a credit card by calling (800) 232-3472.

Bon appetit!

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